It’s the end of another season for us. We narrowly didn’t earn a place in CSBC Finals by 0.1 points. Even though we would have liked to have performed one more time, we’re still proud of how much we all grew this past season. We’re so happy that all our hard work and progress was recognized by our Westminster High School family.

We’d like to thank our friends, families, and teachers for their support at our home games, competitions. A special shout out to La Quinta Marching Aztecs members for helping us host our 40th Annual Field Tournament last Wednesday. Blow away the audience at champs on Saturday! And we’re proud to be part of the Innovative Percussion Family.

As always, we’re looking to the future and reflecting on this past season so that we can continue to grow as we transition into all of our next groups for the rest of the year. Jazz Band & Steel Drums will be preparing for our Holiday Concert. Color Guard & Drumline are about to hold workshops and auditions for our Winter 2017 season. And for Concert Band, it’s back to basics as we continue to refine fundamentals.

That’s what’s exciting about what we do here: when one thing ends, so many more begin. The fun never ends!

It hasn’t even been a year, but we moved again.

But like last time, the work we needed to accomplish was done well and done quickly. We had had professional movers help with large furniture the day before, but they were no match for the Sunday crew.

Days like these remind me of why I’m proud to be able to call them my friends. I’ve worked along side many of them for many years and I’ve yet to run into a problem that I can’t count on them to resolve effectively. Their experiences dramatically vary, but their ability to get things done is unmatched.

If the world is ending, these guys will pull through.

eSports is going strong and growing stronger.

Students at Westminster HS are recruiting for their Super Smash Bros. Club, which I’m fortunate enough to be club advisor to. I remember when the original came out on N64, and I was terrible at it. I’m impressed at the level of understanding that kids today bring to this game. As a gamer and teacher, I’m confident that the way that they problem solve in the game would benefit them in school. I haven’t read the research, but I know that there’s some that supports the educational benefits of gaming.

If sports can be a thing at school, if done correctly, I’d like to see eSports at the high school level. We’ll probably look to UCI and their involvement in eSports for inspiration.

Hoping we can touch more lives through Smash.

Last week at Back To School Night, I talked to some Lions parents about how we’re going to work with their kids to overcome great goals, and about how growth mindset plays a role in making progress towards said great goals.

This Rubik’s Cube is a symbol for all of that.

Many people who see a Cube are intimidated by it. “I’d never be able to solve that.” they say. But what they don’t realize is that being able to solve a cube doesn’t happen overnight. I definitely wasn’t born able to solve sub 40. I started cubing over 10 years ago, and I had quite a bit of help to learn too. And I didn’t discover speedcubing until about 2 years ago. It took quite a bit of practice to get my time close to 20 seconds.

Cubing looks intimidating, especially when you see World Champions solve it in under 6 seconds. But there’s really only thing that’s holding you back: that voice that says “I can’t.” when you’re faced with a challenge.

But if you can change that voice to say “I can’t yet.”, then solving a cube will be possible.

It’s been 10 years since we graduated from #Westminster HS.

I’ve spent a significant amount of time at Westminster since then, so it gets hard to keep track of time and see how much we and the school has changed. But in reminiscing with everyone, I can see that some things have changed quite dramatically, yet others are still constant. eg. Our favorite teachers are still great teachers, but they’re using innovative teaching strategies. It’s a reminder of things we’ve done well to improve our school as we as ways we can still grow.

This upcoming week is the beginning of what will probably be the most important year of teaching in my life. Many big things are taking place at Westminster HS this year, and I get to be right in the middle all of it. I am feeling some nerves in anticipation of the struggle to come, but today reminded me of how proud I am to be a Lion. Overcoming this year’s challenges will mean that our school is moving forward even further. Our students will be even more poised to make a positive impact in a global community.

We may not be close friends, and some of us haven’t seen each other since high school, but that’s okay. Thanks for the continued friendship and for reassuring me that what I do can make an impact in the world.

10 years is not a long time. How much impact will we make in the next 10 years?