For those of you who aren’t involved in the Marching Pageantry world, band competitions are both a logistical nightmare and marvel at the same time. It’s this monstrous and dynamic puzzle with many pieces involved: buses and trucks, musicians, spectators, judges, equipment, food… the list goes on.

This is all worth it for the education of our students.

To ensure that everyone involved is successful, everyone involved must cooperate and trust that we’ll all play by the same rules and support each other. The good news is that the camaraderie and support often extends beyond any one group. For example, students from one school will often help out another when they see someone struggle with moving an unwieldy piece of equipment. Or, a group that just completed their performance will yield to another group that is on their way to warm-ups. This is great, and it’s part of why I love this activity.

However, there are a few groups out there that elect not to play by the same rules as everyone else. This isn’t the fault of the students or volunteers. This responsibility lies solely on the shoulders of the Band Director.

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