Angry Drivers on I-405-N

Hello Friends!

I hope you’re all being good drivers.

While driving home today on I-405-N, I witnessed these two bad drivers. Not sure what lead up to this, but the Civic was driving excessively slowly in front of the Camaro, and when the Camaro moved to pass, the Civic accelerated to block the merge. They continued to drive slowly blocking each other and traffic behind them.

I dialed 911 in case the situation escalated, but luckily the drivers went their different directions as they exited at Beach Blvd. Though I can’t say I’d approve of the Civic’s lane change at the end.

I hung up before I connected with 911 dispatch since the incident was over. But Westminster Police Department, CA Dispatch was diligent and called me back. But since it was on the freeway, I think it was technically CHP – Westminster‘s jurisdiction anyways. Either way, it’s reassuring to know that WPD is watching and listening closely.

I used to wonder whether I should call in exceptionally dangerous drivers, for example, that really questionable driver who might be drunk but you can’t tell if they’re drunk, sleepy, texting, or just extremely bad at driving. I think that as long as there is immediate danger, such as the situation I witnessed, it’s safer to call it in than to hope that nothing worse happens. At the very least, officers can be on alert, and if they happen to be nearby, their presence could deescalate the situation. Obviously, we shouldn’t call in everything, like someone changing lanes without indicating. But officers can’t be everywhere, so we, as citizens, should take up some responsibility in keeping our cities safe.

Late note: Just yesterday morning, on the exact opposite side of the freeway, there was a fatal traffic collision. I don’t know the details of what happened yesterday, but this situation I just witnessed easily could have turned worse if neither driver had backed down. Whether you’re in a hurry or angry at another driver, it’s never worth risking your own life or the lives of others.

Be safe out there, friends!