It hasn’t even been a year, but we moved again.

But like last time, the work we needed to accomplish was done well and done quickly. We had had professional movers help with large furniture the day before, but they were no match for the Sunday crew.

Days like these remind me of why I’m proud to be able to call them my friends. I’ve worked along side many of them for many years and I’ve yet to run into a problem that I can’t count on them to resolve effectively. Their experiences dramatically vary, but their ability to get things done is unmatched.

If the world is ending, these guys will pull through.

eSports is going strong and growing stronger.

Students at Westminster HS are recruiting for their Super Smash Bros. Club, which I’m fortunate enough to be club advisor to. I remember when the original came out on N64, and I was terrible at it. I’m impressed at the level of understanding that kids today bring to this game. As a gamer and teacher, I’m confident that the way that they problem solve in the game would benefit them in school. I haven’t read the research, but I know that there’s some that supports the educational benefits of gaming.

If sports can be a thing at school, if done correctly, I’d like to see eSports at the high school level. We’ll probably look to UCI and their involvement in eSports for inspiration.

Hoping we can touch more lives through Smash.

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