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Getting back into speedcubing.

Last week at Back To School Night, I talked to some Lions parents about how we’re going to work with their kids to overcome great goals, and about how growth mindset plays a role in making progress towards said great goals.

This Rubik’s Cube is a symbol for all of that.

Many people who see a Cube are intimidated by it. “I’d never be able to solve that.” they say. But what they don’t realize is that being able to solve a cube doesn’t happen overnight. I definitely wasn’t born able to solve sub 40. I started cubing over 10 years ago, and I had quite a bit of help to learn too. And I didn’t discover speedcubing until about 2 years ago. It took quite a bit of practice to get my time close to 20 seconds.

Cubing looks intimidating, especially when you see World Champions solve it in under 6 seconds. But there’s really only thing that’s holding you back: that voice that says “I can’t.” when you’re faced with a challenge.

But if you can change that voice to say “I can’t yet.”, then solving a cube will be possible.

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