Dead alternator left me with an interesting conversation with the tow truck driver.

The electrical system failed in the car on the way to my mechanic. Bad alternator perhaps? I didn’t notice any symptoms until 24hrs before it died, but everything went wrong real quick and I was left waiting for a tow truck. At least it didn’t die on the first day of school. (Also, guy honked at me for putting emergency indicator on to safely and slowly pull to the side of the road with no power steering and nearly no power. Guess he didn’t see me switch them on. Figured it would have been better than blocking the intersection.)

Car failure can be terrible, but it was kinda cool seeing how the car sequenced which systems failed first to let me drive off of the road. The Automatic transmission was the second to die, then throttle control was the last.

A car can fail quickly after that electrical warning comes on, so if you ever see it pop up when you’re on the freeway, pull to the side quickly! I was lucky that my car failed on surface streets. Losing the car’s Electric Power Steering mid-turn at 65mph on the freeway might not have ended so well.

To get to the mechanics then a meeting, I had to call a tow truck and then an uber driver.

I wore my Beach Quidditch shirt today, which both the tow truck driver and uber driver saw and asked if I was a student. For my first uber ride ever, the driver was a Long Beach resident who was originally from Soviet Russia. He didn’t drive like Russian Dash Cam.

Before that ride, my car was towed by a proud dad from Long Beach whose daughter graduated early from HS, and he’s so proud that she just started her first year at CSULB. He had decided to have his daughter home schooled instead of attending public schools. “Best decision I ever made, or else I’d been a granddad by now.”

She’s taking all of her beginning intro classes. She’s studying to be a social worker. She wanted to be a police officer, but I tried to talk her out of it. She just wants to help people, so I’ll support her whatever she does. But it’s a scary time to be a cop.”

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