Celebrating small wins.

It was my birthday yesterday.

I’m not one to celebrate much for my birthday. A small family dinner is typical, but is great since it’s hard to get our busy family together, so any change is great. But I never felt the need to celebrate simply existing for another year.

But while sipping on my glass of milk tea last night, I thought to myself that maybe it is something worth celebrating. A year had gone by, not one where I merely existed, but one filled with success and failures (mostly failures of course). I can choose to (not) celebrate merely existing, or I can choose to celebrate everything else. You know, the stuff that counts in life.

We all can use a little more celebrating in our lives. It can seem like we already celebrate a lot. We celebrate graduations, weddings, birthdays, finishing big projects, making it through a convention, performing a great concert or recital, winning a competition, winning an award, the special and important people in our lives, and the list goes on. But these are all big events, major victories often accompanied by major celebration.

But what about the rest of our lives? The big victories really only make up a small fraction of our lives. The rest is filled up with small wins and failures (big and small). Why not celebrate the small wins as well? It’d be ridiculous to have a big celebration for every small win, but what if we at least celebrated with a smile? Or if you see someone else make a small win, you can give them a high five, or “Hey, saw you hold the door for someone. That’s awesome.” or “Heard you make it through that scale you were struggling with. Keep it up!”

The high energy and motivation we feel from the big victories will eventually fade, and not all of us can keep going at 100% for that long after it fades away. We need more to stay motivated, and feedback from the small wins can help a lot. No, don’t go out and celebrate every little thing to be silly and joke about everything, but you definitely have more things in your life worth celebrating that has been overlooked.

If we look for the small wins that are worth celebrating and celebrate them, maybe we can feel a little more motivated. Hey, some failures might be worth celebrating too. Many small things add up quickly, and after celebrating all of those small wins, we might just have enough energy to get through anything. We might even go as far as turning someone’s life around when they felt like they’ve hit rock bottom. I don’t know!

But I’m just curious enough to want to find out. It’s time to celebrate the small yet meaningful wins in our lives.

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