Epic Weekend of Photography

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I have to say that I did not expect this weekend to turn out the that it did. It started out with a great concert with the CSULB Percussion Department and a wonderful audience, followed by a last minute photo shoot at Cal Poly Pomona, and ended with getting soaked while photographing the LA Marathon. […]


Golden Ratio

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When it comes to composition, I am pretty obsessed with the Golden Ratio. There are plenty of resources about it already, so I won’t do that here (just Google it if you’re curious). I first came across this concept on a blog post by a photographer named Christian Rollinson. But enough of that, on to […]

Fooding Eats

Ramen Run after Concert Band

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Last Thursday was the CSULB Symphonic and Concert Band Concert. ¬†We got to play in the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, which is always fun to play in (not so fun moving gear there though). ¬†Unfortunately, no pictures of the concert because I was playing on almost every piece and the CPAC doesn’t allow photos to […]


Birthday Dinner

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Birthday was on Wednesday. But due to a busy day of rehearsals as usual, dinner was postponed until Saturday. We had Thai food at Chaiyo Thai Cafe in Westminster. Thanks Noriko for introducing me to this place. I always enjoy eating here, and went here last year for my birthday dinner too. Took the 7D […]