I’m on Spring Break now!  And this year, Ceasar Chavez Day was not during spring break!  But we still didn’t get the holiday off?  Bummer..

Now that I have some time to sit down and blog, I will.  Then I shall do some very much needed spring cleaning in my room.  I probably have lots of things to toss out and a ton of photo gear to organize and store somewhere.  A lot of my free time (if that exists) I used to make random photo things out of stuff like cardboard and tape, so  need a place to put it all.

Let’s begin by recapping everything that’s happened since the last post. (I am currently consulting flickr and my pictures to refreshen my memory on stuff that happened)

I should have posted this one on my last post, but here’s my birthday cake just because I like cheesecake so much.

But besides that, more drumline competitions for Westminster HS. That’s keeping me busy. It’s getting tiring because I feel like I’m more motivated than some of the kids marching. Shooting pictures at the competitions is good practice for my photography though. Bad gym lights, fast moving kids… how much harder can it get?

Happy 5 months! I feel like a jerk for not doing anything special…

I think the highlight for me is the World Percussion concert. We all had a blast! Friends and family went to this one! So I’m happy. Thank you everyone who showed up.

I’m going to cut this post short because I am going to bed earlier so I can wake up and clean tomorrow! It’s time to discover what’s underneath the pile of stuff.

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