Yesterday Westminster HS (my alma mater and the school I work at) Entertainment Unit had their last competition and home game of the season. It was a long but fun day.

The day started out with a long bus ride from Westminster to Moorpark. I think the drive is about 70 miles.


Bus mirror

The ride there wasn’t too long because there wasn’t much traffic, but we were going pretty slow so it did take a little while. I’ve driven that distance several times before, but this time I wasn’t driving so I got bored really quick and started taking random pictures.

truck on freeway

After we arrived at Moorpark, there wasn’t that much time to sit around and next thing you knew, they were already performing.

starting line


I couldn’t really tell how the performance was because I was standing in the back. I had to conduct 30 seconds of this show because one of our Drum Majors couldn’t make it. Some of what I heard from the drumline back there was pretty clean.




Well, that was the last competition and it was fun while it lasted. Now moving on to more fun!

But wait, there’s still the drive home and a CIF home game.


I ate some popcorn on the way back.

bus ride

Sunset reflection

The light from the sunset bouncing off of everything looked beautiful. The smell on the freeway was a different story.

The bus ride back was much longer due to traffic. And I dozed off a few times. But by the time we arrived at the stadium for the football game, the temperature had taken a dive and it was really cold. But the day wasn’t over yet, so it’s time to unload and get ready for another performance.

truck at night

The lighting at night with the fog rolling it made the lighting situation amazing.

flute warmup

low brass warmup

bass line warmup

On the field, the band looked even more amazing.

empty field

starting line night light

performing again

company front


The football team played an exciting game that night. Unfortunately, things didn’t end well for them either. They missed going into overtime by one yard. I guess it wasn’t the same for me since I don’t know anyone down there anymore. But even then, it was a close and exciting game.

football team

So yeah, what an end to a season.

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