Yesterday, I came home expecting that the package had arrived. But I didn’t think it would be laying on the doorstep. As I walked up to the door, there was a UPS sitting right in front of it addressed to me.

It’s here from Barnes & Noble: my copy of Feasting on Asphalt.

Hosted by the host of the only cooking show I watch (Good Eats), this is a documentary of a group traveling on motorcycles across the United States in search of real, authentic road food. This is what inspired me to want to get a motorcycle (and mark my word, I will).

I’ve always kind of wanted to travel the U.S. but never really knew what to expect or search for. This kind of helped at giving a glimpse into the different regions of the U.S. because, well, what better way to get to know people by what they eat? I think learning about food is a good way to start learning about other cultures. After all, the first things we learn in other languages is food! (other than bad words and phrases that is…)

I never really thought about it, but I’ve always longed for real, authentic road food myself. After drumline competitions, somehow Jeff would always manage to convince us to go to a Denny’s to eat. In all honesty, Denny’s food isn’t good. Greasy, fattening, it makes me sick to my stomach (unfortunately, literally). The tough thing is that most places don’t open that late.

It’s time we go in search of restaurants that open late!