On Thursday, my friends’ band Atrementous played a gig in Santa Ana.

The drive down there was interesting… Let’s just say everyone but Glenn got lost, but that’s because these venues are like in the middle of nowhere. But a gig is a gig, so whatever. It was a good performance.

So this is Atrementous:

From Left to Right: Stacy (vocals / sax), Patryk (guitar), Glenn (drums), Phillip (bass) and Stephen (guitar).

So this gig was done with the new vocalist Stacy. She’s played and sung with them before, but this is the first time she’s performed a whole show with them. Everyone loves Stacy as the new vocalist.

So despite the not-so-great venue, ATS (short for Atrementous) still put on a good show for everyone. Lots of compliments from the audience (and not just because some of them are friends). I myself am most definitely looking forward to their next performance wherever and whenever that may be.

We were trying to get a cool band picture for them, but then they all moved and then I moved because they moved… Stand still!

Here’s the band and some of their friends/fans (whatever, they’re both). Find me!

After the gig, the band decided to treat some of us to dinner (again). But this time, they made sure they had enough money… from the gig…. And this time, they decided to NOT try to crash into each other while driving home.

So we ended up going to this place called Westminster CafĂ©, off the 405 next to the In-N-Out. Maybe we should have gone to In-N-Out? But anyways, this place has an interesting menu, with items like 3-D Burger and With Bacon or Ham..? I don’t remember, but it was funny.

It’s nice getting to sit down and have a (sort of) quiet dinner after a (loud) show. We usually go to Denny’s, which I am absolutely tired of for now (thanks) but this time we didn’t so it was nice trying a different place for once (not that I would really recommend this place to anyone).

The bunch of us just slowly dwindled away. But you can’t blame us. It was a school night and we had to get everyone home like before midnight…

So does anyone know any good So Cal venues for ATS to play at?

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